How we work

We are passionate about innovation that helps world become greener and energy efficient.


Gatik Greenergy has been providing smart automation for homes, offices, large commercial spaces since 2018.


Our products meet global standards, and are backed by strong R&D.


Gatik Greenergy is a mix of young and experienced minds, who are passionate about green living.


Automating since 2018

Bringing value, efficiency and smartness into living & commercial spaces through automation


Minimum energy savings.

Our automation products & solutions give you a minimum of 40% savings & efficiency.


Smart Products

Constantly growing product range, backed by R&D


Our Directors ensure governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight.

Arun Kumar, CEO

Self made first generation entrepreneur. He is the founder of Gatik Group, and serves as it’s chairman.

“A unit saved is more than a unit generated - Anonymous”