Gatik Greenergy helps you automate your spaces & business, so that you can live smarter, better & greener.

Through constant research and development, we have designed & developed a wide range of smart-automation products. From dimmers to panels and central-vacuum-systems, our products cover every aspect of automation.

"Almost all automation products are targeting high-end homes with larger budget. However, at Gatik Greenergy, we believe in automating smaller homes, where even small savings can be significant."

— Arun Kumar, CEO

Young and driven, Gatik Greenergy is backed by the collective wisdom of experts from automation domain. In the last 2 years, we have made significant progress in product development and implementation.

25+ products developed.

All products integration ready with major brands’ products.

Our power meter has the highest accuracy in the world.

Retro-fitable products. No re-wiring required.

No breaking of walls or ceiling required.

Energy Savings

Customer Retention


Our automation technology supports various sectors. From small homes to large public & commercial spaces, we drive green-living and efficient energy savings through automation.

Gatik Greenergy collaborates with brands and other service providers across the world to deliver global-standard automation solutions.

We have partnered with global brands and suppliers for developing our own product range. We are constantly exploring new partnerships and collaborations to innovate.

"A unit saved is more than a unit generated."

— Anonymous

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